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DtnBio Co., Ltd. is a security solution company that is not afraid of changes and innovations that grow and develop together with
customers with the belief that each and every employee will be the best.

  • Camera technology-based
    security solution company

    As a security solution company based on camera technology, we ask for your interest and support so that Dtnbio can be reborn as a global company for and by customers.


    DT&Bio's patented QHD 3K high-definition 360-degree lens technology changes your life to make your life a little safer and more secure. We protect your life.


    Dtn Bio's path to security and safety
    Meet various products


    We answer the reasons why Dtnbio has been loved
    with certificates


    promises you a quick consultation

Company's Core Technology Lens_Surround View Lens

We will become the strongest company leading the technology
in the domestic and foreign security market with the lens manufacturing technology and
know-how accumulated for 6 years as a lens module capable of shooting 360-degree images
with a combination of 6 lenses including one reflector.